The Ultimate VIC 20 Webpage

What's New

11 Nov 2012:

- Launched the site again after nearly 8 years in limbo.

22 Jul 2004:

- Launched the site again after nearly 6 years in limbo. - New VIC 20 emulator written in Java. Check out JVic!!!

20 Nov 1997:

- Completely redesigned the webpage layouts. - Added information on transferring VIC 20 programs to the PC. - Added Rockman, Sword of Hrakel, Curse of the Werewolf, Ice, and Blockbuster to the games page. - PFau Zeh Win32 port added to the emulators page. - New VIC 20 emulator for the Macintosh added. - Updated links to other VIC 20 sites.

13 Apr 1997:

- Brendan Jones creates a new site and releases all his VIC 20 software. (contains text adventures, some arcade games, and a Pascal compiler).