The Ultimate VIC 20 Webpage


With the release of Nikolaus Strater's VTR utility, I have been able to transfer a few of my tapes to the PC. These are some of the ones that I havn't found at Funet.


Rockman was one of my favourite games for the VIC 20. I have been told that it is similar to boulder dash. Basically what you do is clear the level of all the gems. This will usually require you to drop most of the rocks to the bottom of the screen. While you are doing all this, you have to avoid the pinks guys which move around, and make sure you don't hit into the cyan skulls. Once you have collected all the gems, you then choose an exit (if there is a choice) and proceed into the next room.

Download: Rockman program files and PCVIC snapshot


Ice is essentially a Pengo clone. You move around the penguin trying to kill off the black meanies by pushing the power blocks into them. Once you have eliminated them all, you move on to the next stage. The stages get progressively harder by adding more meanies.

Download: Ice program file

The Sword of Hrakel

A very addictive little text adventure game. You start off in a village that is completely deserted. Your task is to track down the evil Mage that has used his spells on the people of this town. On the way you will find a meditating guru, a small door in a tree, a rapid wolf that guards a path, an agitated duck, and hopefully the sword itself.

Download: Sword of Hrakel program files and PCVIC snapshot

The Curse of the Werewolf

Another text adventure set mostly in a castle.

Download: Curse of the Werewolf program file


Blockbuster is a lot like the game Ice as you can probably tell from the screen shot above. It is essentially the same task of pushing the blocks into the enemies to kill them off.

Download: Blockbuster program file and V20 snapshot