The Ultimate VIC 20 Webpage


JVic is a Java VIC-20 emulator that I wrote back in June 2003. It was briefly released online in applet form for 6 months from July 2004.

There are still a number of bugs and unfinished features (and lots of unstarted features as well), but as I might not get a lot of time to continue working on it, I thought I would put it online again for people to play around with.

Remember to click on the applet before you start using it. It needs to have the focus for the keyboard handler to work. The joystick is emulated with the numeric keypad. The 0/Ins key is the fire button. Numlock needs to be on. And sometimes you need to hit SPACE to start a game rather than the 0/Ins key. Try one or the other.

Sometimes you need to hit the load button a second or third time to load the cartridge properly.

VersionRelease Date
0.922 July 2004