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Other VIC 20 Emulators


Emulator name JarVIC
Author Steve McCrea
Platform Any platform with a Java VM. Designed to run as an applet.
Implementation Java
Homepage JarVIC - VIC-20 emulator
Comments Being a Java developer myself, I really like this emulator.

Javascript VIC-20

Emulator name Javascript VIC-20
Author Matt Dawson
Platform The latest web browsers
Implementation Javascript
Homepage Javascript VIC-20 Emulator
Comments This emulator is amazing. I haven't seen something as cool as this since


Emulator name Multi Emulator Super System (MESS)
Author Lots of people (check out the web page below)
Platform Cross-platform, i.e. Windows, Mac, *nix, etc.
Implementation C
Homepage The MESS Wiki
Comments This emulator emulates a long list of different machines. It is similar to MAME but focusses on machines like the VIC 20. It is therefore not a dedicated VIC 20 emulator by any means but many people do like its VIC 20 emulation.


Emulator name PCVIC
Author Boris van Schooten
Platform DOS
Implementation Assembler
Homepage PCVIC - Upgrade your PC to a VIC-20
Comments PCVIC is very fast, has excellent sound emulation and emulates just about everything. You will need DOSBOX to run it these days though, which will no doubt slow it down a fraction.


Emulator name Power20
Author Roland Lieger
Platform Mac
Homepage Power20 - Commodore VIC20 Emulator for the Apple Macinosh
Comments Shareware. I personally haven't tried this one myself but it is often recommended as the one to get for the Mac. I've read that it might not work on the latest Mac OS though.

Pfau Zeh

Emulator name Pfau Zeh
Author Arne Bockholdt
Platform Linux and Win32
Implementation Totally written in ANSI-C (Linux uses GCC) (Win32 uses Visual C++)
Homepage Pfau Zeh *The* Commodore VIC-20 Emulator [Broken Link]
Get it here instead:
Comments This emulator is exceptionally functional. It can handle the raster effects seen in some games absolutely perfectly which is no doubt a reflection of the timing and graphics accuracy. I like it!!


Emulator name VIC20
Author Paul Robson
Platform DOS
Implementation Assembler
Homepage Paul Robsons emulator pages
Comments Paul wrote this emulator in about 3 days (of fairly solid work). It is probably the less functional of the emulators available for the PC. Development seems to have stopped at this stage. Source code is available at Pauls web site.


Emulator name vic20emu
Author Arndt Mühlenfeld
Platform Any platform with a Java VM. Designed to run as a desktop application.
Implementation Java
Comments An interesting emulator, with a lot of debug features. As the author states, it is slow, but the intention is not to provide something that runs games at full speed. Rather it is to provide features to better understand how the machine works and to help with program analysis. And it definitely delivers in that department. The debug features are very impressive, all the debug tools we are used to these days and more. The ability to set breakpoints, then step into, over or out of routines. The ability to profile how often various bits of code have been executed, and it comes with a nice hex editor for viewing and editing the VIC's memory as it is running. I certainly intend to make use of it for debugging.


Emulator name VICE - Versatile Commodore Emulator
Authors Lots of people (check out the web page below)
Platform Cross-platform, i.e. Windows, Mac, *nix, etc. Even the Nokia N900.
Implementation C
Homepage VICE page
Comments Fifteen years ago when I first wrote on this site about the VICE emulator, it was to say that the VIC 20 emulation was not as good as in the other VIC 20 emulators that were around at that time. This situation has now reversed. VICE is now considered by many to be the best VIC 20 emulator available.

Matthew Browne's emulator

Emulator name (untitled)
Author Matthew Browne
Platform Power Macintosh and 68K Macintosh
Implementation ?
Homepage Matthew Browne's VIC 20 emulator for the Macintosh
Comments This was the first VIC 20 emulator to be developed for the Macintosh as far as I am aware. Development appears to have been stopped for a while though.